Give your skills a life with Forklift Training

The manual and automatic handling of machinery such as forklift is no easy job until you are not aware of how to do it. However, once you undergo forklift training, the same job will become as easy as ABC for you. Our forklift training covers the theory and practical aspects so by the time you certify, you are a forklift expert who everyone would want in their team. Every lesson is prepared and delivered in the perfect manner so there is no space left for mistakes or miscommunications.

Choose the kind of forklift training you want to go for

There are so many types of forklifts available in the market these days. The forklift training preparers you for the most common and uncommon ones that your job might require you to handle manually or automatically. We are offering multiple kinds of forklift training for you to choose from depending upon your needs.

  • Refresher forklift training

    If you are already working as a forklift operator your employer may want you to undergo a refresher forklift training with passing time to ensure your skills are in order. You might also need a refresher forklift training if your employer has a new machinery addition in the workplace.

  • Counterbalance forklift training

    This is the most common type of forklift used in the UK. It is great when it comes to balancing load. Our forklift training includes lessons on lifting and unloading weight, driving and parking the forklift and workplace safety.

  • Reach truck training

    One of our forklift training allows you to know all about reach trucks that are used in warehouses where you have limited space to move around. These trucks can reach heights up to 40 feet and can load and unload shelves quite easily.

Employment and gaining industry experience

Forklift operators are doing the work which otherwise you may have to do manually. Loading and unloading or even carrying the heavy loads can be difficult if you are thinking to use manpower. This is where a forklift operator can exceed all levels of helpfulness. As a forklift operator you can work in warehouses, manufacturing industries, factories etc. and make up to £30,000 per annum. You can also grow by enhancing your skills from one kind of forklift to multiple types so you have wider prospects of forklift operator jobs on your step.